Personality ID : 1067574158




48 pts ,


56 pts ,


30 pts ,

Venus / Mars :

45 pts ,

Width Conscience:

63 pts ,

Tenderness :

73 pts ,


52 pts ,

Interest for senses :

62 pts ,

Intellectual Passion:

65 pts ,
(Readiness and tendency to)

To achieve:

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To act:

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To feel:

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To divert itself:

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To be honest:

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To shine:

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To be quiet:

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To take pleasure:

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(Capacity to)
Libido :
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Sociability :
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To be imaginative :
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Spontaneity :
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Perseverance :
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Loyalty :
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untroubled conscience :
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Cheerfuless :
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Melancholy :
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Withdrawal into oneself :
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Capacity of work :
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Introverted :
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Cruelty :
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Goodness :
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Stay-at-home :
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Instinctive :
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Solitude :
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  • Sensitivity: We could also speak about emotionalism. Emotional people are subject to strong emotions. Others remain serene and calm in any situation. (these are extreme examples)
  • Dynamism: It is about showing initiative. A very dynamic person won't have much effort of will to make to begin an action. It doesn't mean that a person who is not dynamic won't be more active than a dynamic one.
  • Passivity: This is the time that an emotion is "digested"; also called repercussion. A passive person's actions, her way of life, will be very dependent on her past and on the future which she imagines.
  • Venus / Mars: A VENUS man (low score) will tend to use seduction and underhand manoeuvres to obtain what he wants, whereas a MARS one will seek confrontation and fight (without spitefulness)
  • Width Conscience: Some people are meticulous and methodic and concentrate hard easily (low score), and others are more subject to daydreaming, often thinking about many ideas at the same time (high score)
  • Tenderness : Free interest for other people
  • Greed: Self-centredness, to take care of oneself
  • Interest for senses: Attraction and passion for everything about sensation (not the same as emotion)
  • Intellectual Passion: This is approximately the stereotyped difference between a person good with his hands (low score) and a non-manual person (high score)
  • To achieve: Your tendency to be ambitious, dominating, both with a deep sense of majesty.
  • To act: Your tendency to disproportion in action, to frantic activity, to lead other people.
  • To feel: Your tendency to individualism, meditation, to being turned towards inner feelings.
  • To divert itself: Your tendency to irregularity, to be quirky, to not necessarily objectives actions.
  • To be honest: Your tendency to be balanced, stable, lawful, tough and patient.
  • To shine: Your tendency to be extrovert, to be witty, to be bright and essential in company.
  • To be quiet: Your tendency to be uncommunicative, to be silent, to be conservative.
  • To take pleasure: Your tendency to the most total passivity, to indifference towards everything.


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