The problem of personality test is that it has several results:

The first is obvious: it's based on a personality model. This model consists in saying that a characteristic, after having been evaluated, will allow to define exactly a personality and the behaviors that are linked to it. The model which we use here is based on the studies and works of various authors: R. Le Senne, Heymans and Wiersma, G. Berger, E. Mounier, etc... (You can find their documents by searching in the Web)
The model, which we finalized and improved according to the tests, includes 3 fundamental factors: emotionalism, activity and time of reaction. These factors bring us to define personality's types: nervous, phlegmatic, enthusiast, etc… These types are improved by other evaluated factors that we call "tendencies".

The second is that often results of tests tell you: " you are like this ". But nobody can really tell you who you are! The respect for the human person imposes humility. The personality test approaches what you are and will give you certainly useful indications on your personality. But this one changes in time and with many other factors. We thus refused to fix the results and we prefer a system of "capacities". So, you can appreciate by yourself the harmony of your results without being classified in a category.

Finally, tests' results are often compared only to the model. Now, here, we made a system that compares your results to the results of other tested people. You must know that given the success of the test and the huge number of tested people that serve as comparison, a point of difference with the mean is important.


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