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I practice or would like to practice violent sports
I remain long moments doing nothing, dreaming or distracted
I often change friends (without serious reasons)
I don't hesitate to leave an unfavourable relation, I donít get attached to my associates
I think before acting
I like simple people, stories without complexity
I hate people to comfort me or worry about me, indeed I am hurt that people
I quietly accept things as they are
I am stimulated by the idea of an effort required
I am interested in my exploits, I follow their improvements
I like animals like beings having a personality
I become enthusiastic easily
I only need to understand the global problem to resolve it
I bear grudges
I prefer hard facts rather than ideas or theories
Surprise is an essential component of pleasure
I make immediate decisions, even in difficult cases
I express my attachment with tender words, gentle considerations
I have a very great need for independence, I subject myself with difficulty to an external direction
Other people's feelings are more important than their actions
I tend to submit to others
It's unbearable for me to live in a bedroom I find ugly
I am often indecisive
I cultivate my spirituality
I take care of the way I dress
Money can buy you happiness
I am essentially interested in others in connection with what I desire to achieve
I am subject to repetition, to gestures done a hundred times, to fixed ideas changed into obsessions
I envisage all eventualities and I prepare myself carefully for them
I spontaneously notice my friends' clothes
I seek out competition and dispute
I am very interested in shapes, colors, sounds
I am frequently obsessed by doubts about things of no importance
I hate to complain
I assert what is owed to me and enforce my claims passionately
I am mobile and overactive
Iím always in a hurry to move on to something else, time passes too quickly
I am resolute and decisive in my affirmations and projects
I am interested in the value of things
I am meticulous
A change in prospect fills me with anxiety
My acts are guided by the future consequences which they can have (to save for old age etc.)
I seek more to serve others rather than to use them
I feel remorse (To have done something that one would have preferred to avoid)
I like to pat animals
I carry everything I begin to perfection
I watch television a lot
I hate receiving gifts
I have profound aesthetic needs
I move painfully from the idea to the act, from the decision to the execution
I like to be number one in everything, to bring others into line
I adapt to circumstances smoothly
I jump at every opportunity, even those which are not especially interesting for me
I am interested in preparing dishes
I am suspicious of social, I prefer to think "freely"
I can assert myself
I help when I can (everyone)
I do what I have to do immediately, I do not wait until tomorrow
I am quick to reward the efforts of others
I prefer to give in first, or at least appear to, rather than be involved in a conflict
I keep a watch on my gestures, my voice
I am happy about my fate
I need everybody's affection, even from those that I expect nothing from
I am punctual and even in advance
I can undertake a useful transformation even if it costs me a big effort
I often rely on the inspiration of the moment
I pass easily from depression to excitement and vice versa
I need to see my friends frequently
I am very interested in tactile feelings
I can convince people
I prefer watching than doing
I prefer books where events are related in detail to those that explain the value of a philosophical idea
I am easily touched by the fate of others
I hesitate a long time before acting
I like to eat
I like to have prestige
It is painful for me to work in a emotionless environment
I push away everything that comes to disturb me
I am only disturbed by serious events
I am very ambitious
I donít like to lend my things
I am naturally suspicious
I am spontaneously confident
I get on well with everyone
It's through details that the demonstration, the machine, the process that interest me, become understandable
I like to make plans, schedules
I need to analyse my friends' feelings, to understand works of art
I take on the leadership of a group, of a working party
I like to compel others to obey
I need to analyse to understand
I like to dream of the past which is no more, of the future which could be, or of the pure imagination
I set my heart on doing small things that I know are of no importance
I treat others with simplicity indeed harshly
I get involved in action without set rules
Easy things bore me quickly
I have no feeling for luxury
I am difficult to upset
I have many friends
I am an even-tempered person
I am easily seduced by a new idea
I become indignant easily
I have strict habits which I like very much
When I give an order, I closely supervise its execution
Immediate results are especially interesting to me.
I eat slowly with relish
I am quickly friends again with someone
Order is boring, I need fantasy
I like symmetry, order and regularity
I am sometimes so violently moved that what I wanted to do becomes impossible to me
I feel time like something fluid, continuous and taking everything with it
I am easily discouraged when faced with a task that is too tiring
I stick to my usual habits in every circle
I get excited while speaking
Art is as significant as morals
I believe that the moon has an influence on my mood
Animals are things, livestock
I feel regret ( Not to have done something )
I easily fill my leisure time
Sensitive shapes are only an information
I detest what is habitual and planned
I often try to solve problems which have no practical applications
I prefer intellectual entertainment
I prefer to charm rather than to order
I speak quietly and sedately
I am easily wounded by a little sharp, unkind or mocking criticism
I am jealous with my attachments and friendships
I have strict principles to which I conform.
There are mysteries where reason must renounce
I am more interested in applications than in principles
I like risk
I always finish what I start




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