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"This is the first time i get result without feeling be reduced in a box !"


The personality test
The number of tested people speaks for us
tested people around the world (from 08-2001)


The personality test is composed of about hundred questions. You will not have results saying to you "you are this or you are that" but, respecting the complexity of the person, an open evaluation.

Preview sample:
Results of the test of the webmaster personality

The evaluation quiz:

The quiz is made up of a hundred questions. That should take to you 12 minutes (instantaneous mean).

This test is one of most complete Web and especially it also enables you to be "compared to the others".

This test is very serious and is based on various psychological and philosophical studies on the structures of the character and personality. You won't find another test like it on the Internet. Moreover your results are compared to the results and means of other tested people. ( people)


If you never took stock of your character,
it is the moment.

Can you imagine this people ?

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Personality test
Average value for
28500 tested people

Sensitivity: 54 pts
Dynamism: 50 pts
Passivity: 47 pts
Venus / Mars: 44 pts
Width Conscience: 46 pts
Tenderness: 64 pts
Greed: 52 pts
Interest for senses: 61 pts
Intellectual Passion: 53 pts
To achieve: 50 pts
To act: 52 pts
To feel: 50 pts
To divert itself: 51 pts
To be honest: 47 pts
To shine: 48 pts
To be quiet: 47 pts
To take pleasure: 48 pts
Libido: 59 pts
Sociability: 60 pts
To be imaginative: 57 pts
Spontaneity: 52 pts
Perseverance: 47 pts
Loyalty: 51 pts
untroubled conscience: 50 pts
Cheerfuless: 51 pts
Melancholy: 52 pts
Withdrawal into oneself: 49 pts
Capacity of work: 49 pts
Introverted: 51 pts
Cruelty: 45 pts
Goodness: 55 pts
Stay-at-home: 44 pts
Instinctive: 53 pts
Solitude: 50 pts


The personality test
Who are you compared to the
other tested people ?

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